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As a 19 year criminal defense lawyer and former police officer, I personally handle all murder cases that come into my law firm! Murder charges can be in the first or second degree and potentially charge special circumstances to make the client “death eligible.”

The consequences of a murder case are severe! 15 to life, 25 to life, life without the possibility of parole, or even Death……These cases are extremely emotional on all involved including the defendant’s family and the victim’s family. I have tried many murder trials including a death penalty (capital case) double murder case. Making the right choice for you or loved one in a murder case is critical!

A thorough understanding of the degrees and all lesser crimes are a must in obtaining the best outcome for my clients. Immediate investigation into all the circumstances surrounding the death to gain a full understanding of the incident is utmost important in defending these serious charges.

In addition to my murder trials, I have also successfully settled many murder cases to lesser crimes. One 21 year old client was looking at an indeterminate sentence of 50 years to life based upon a first degree murder charge and a prior strike allegation. After extensive legal research and detailed investigation into the incident, I was able to obtain a 6 year determinate sentence.

Although I cannot predict an outcome or guarantee a result, you can be rest assured that I have tried many murder cases and settled many others and will provide you or your loved one with the best defense available. My team will visit the crime scene, interview people, obtain reports and videos, hire experts and do what it takes to defend the case. Likewise, forensic experts will be retained to explore eyewitness identification, DNA, toxicology, psychology and other potential defenses to protect your rights.

Call My Law Firm to Speak with a Criminal Lawyer Not a Paralegal or Case Manager

Please feel free to contact my firm and talk to me about any murder questions that you may have. I take personal responsibility in my firm’s “commitment to excellence” in obtaining a favorable result on your murder case whether it’s in San Diego, Carlsbad, Vista, Oceanside or elsewhere. I look forward to hearing from and meeting you soon.

Client Reviews
My family hired Mr. Leslie for a case that was turning into a nightmare. His caring attitude and knowledge of law made a seemingly never ending problem a walk in the park. I defiantly recommend Sean Leslie to anyone who needs legal help or just advise. C.B.
Mr. Leslie is an amazing lawyer and a very nice man. I liked that he always called me back if he couldn't answer my calls. I felt that he actually cared about me and my case. He explained anything I didn't understand and I even learned a few things from him. I highly recommend him! Kasi M.
Sean Leslie is an excellent lawyer. He gives your case his up most undivided attention. Primarily his handling to every detail and getting results. So if you need a lawyer hire him and you will not be sorry. Nubia M.