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Based in North San Diego County and serving local towns such as Carlsbad, Vista and Oceanside as well as the entire San Diego Metro Area. I am proud to be an exclusive criminal defense lawyer representing persons accused of crimes and driving under the influence "DUI" charges. My firm is an aggressive reputable San Diego criminal law firm "Committed to Excellence" to all its criminal defense clients. As an experienced San Diego criminal defense lawyer representing DUI clients throughout San Diego County, my firm's commitment is to obtain the best outcome in every case, not just in my high profile celebrity cases.

Just as the professional athlete strives to compete successfully and win each game, so do the experienced criminal lawyers and DUI attorneys in my firm in every criminal defense case our firm handles! My firm is dedicated to achieving a favorable result and protecting your life, freedom, reputation and constitutional rights.

To my firm, the "Commitment to Excellence" means striving for achievement at every turn. This dedication brings about an atmosphere of success that enables us to confidently offer the best legal service to my clients in both criminal defense and DUI cases. This commitment to my clients has resulted in my firm achieving the highest rating ("AV," Very High to Preeminent) available from Martindale-Hubbell, the most reputable independent peer reviewed legal rating source in the Country. At my firm, we believe that the "Commitment to Excellence" is a day-to-day process that brings about definable, quantifiable and tangible results. I know results matter! This commitment starts with an in person meeting and returning all phone calls!

It is my philosophy, and it is my goal to achieve excellence in each and every criminal defense and DUI case for my clients in order to exceed their expectations. Let my deep and vast knowledge of the criminal law field and experience with the San Diego Criminal courts confidently guide you, your friends and or loved ones through their criminal defense or DUI case.

As a criminal defense attorney and former police officer, I have over two decades of experience handling an extensive variety of misdemeanor and felony criminal defense cases including murder, stabbings, manslaughter crimes, sex crimes such as rape and molestation charges, animal cruelty, traffic offenses, drug possession crimes, theft crimes, and domestic violence defense and or spousal abuse/battery.

Likewise, my vast experience as a DUI attorney in San Diego has helped over a thousand of my DUI clients keep their driving privilege and obtain reduced charges, dismissals and or acquittals. Criminal and DUI accusations are easily made but difficult to prove!

At my firm, we take pride in our knowledge of the law and the sensitivity of each client's specific legal needs and concerns. This includes special personal attention and strict CONFIDENTIALITY! The majority of my business comes from direct referrals from my prior clients.

I am honored and proud of this fact and it proves my dedication, personal concern and care to my clients along with my absolute professionalism and ethics.

You will never see my firm's reputable name on any direct solicitation advertisements or mass mailings to your residence or business, i.e. JAIL MAIL. Likewise, my firm is not a "Mill" so when you call, you will speak directly with me or another criminal lawyer in my office, not a case manager or sales consultant.

With offices in Carlsbad and San Diego my firm handles criminal defense and DUI cases throughout the San Diego Metro area and at all courthouse locations: San Diego, Vista, El Cajon, and Chula Vista

Again, please allow my criminal law knowledge and experience to confidently guide you, your friends and/or loved ones through their criminal defense or DUI case.

Please feel free to contact my firm and talk directly to an experienced San Diego criminal defense attorney with any criminal or DUI questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from and meeting you soon. Once again, thank you for consulting my law firm for your legal representation.

Very truly yours,

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Sean F. Leslie,

Criminal Lawyer & DUI Attorney in San Diego County

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My family hired Mr. Leslie for a case that was turning into a nightmare. His caring attitude and knowledge of law made a seemingly never ending problem a walk in the park. I defiantly recommend Sean Leslie to anyone who needs legal help or just advise. C.B.
Mr. Leslie is an amazing lawyer and a very nice man. I liked that he always called me back if he couldn't answer my calls. I felt that he actually cared about me and my case. He explained anything I didn't understand and I even learned a few things from him. I highly recommend him! Kasi M.
Sean Leslie is an excellent lawyer. He gives your case his up most undivided attention. Primarily his handling to every detail and getting results. So if you need a lawyer hire him and you will not be sorry. Nubia M.
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