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At Leslie Legal Group, my criminal lawyers represent many clients on first time and more serious drug charges. Drug charges include under the influence, simple possession, sales and or manufacturing. First time under the influence and or possession drug charges can often be handled with drug diversion or programs that have been enacted by the California legislature. (See Penal Code sections 1000 and 1210) These programs have eligibility requirements so you need to hire an experienced San Diego criminal lawyer.

However, prior to availing yourself to one of these programs, your case must be thoroughly investigated and defended to determine if any legal or factual defenses exist including a motion to suppress the evidence (drugs) based upon an unlawful search or seizure by the investigating law enforcement officers. Only after a careful and in depth examination of all legal issues in your case, should you accept a diversion or treatment program.

Often, the prosecuting agency will allege possession for sales instead of simple drug possession to make you ineligible for the above programs. However, my firm is experienced in persuading prosecutor's to dismiss the sales charges to allow my clients participate in the programs. Factual issues may include the amount of drugs, pay owe sheets, scales, type of packaging, location of seizure, cellphone logs, cash on hand and whether any weapons or firearms were available for immediate use.

Police often think every social user is a seller! We know from experience that this is not true. Many clients buy in bulk because the drugs are cheaper, i.e. Costco. Likewise, medical marijuana users may be initially prosecuted even though they possess a valid medical marijuana license.

Manufacturing drug cases are usually expensive for the prosecutor's office to prosecute as they need to obtain toxicology results for all the precursors to manufacture the "drug" to make their case. Manufacturing cases require an experienced attorney to defend because the charges are complex and the elements are technical.

My Law firm has such experience and I have personally handled many manufacturing cases.

Call My Law Firm to Speak with a Criminal Lawyer Not a Paralegal or Case Manager

Please feel free to contact my firm and talk with an experienced criminal defense attorney with any drug charge questions that you may have. I take personal responsibility in my firm's "commitment to excellence" in obtaining a favorable result on your drug case whether it's in San Diego, Carlsbad, Vista, Oceanside or elsewhere in California . I look forward to hearing from and meeting you soon. Once again, thank you for consulting with a criminal lawyer in my law firm for your legal representation.

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My family hired Mr. Leslie for a case that was turning into a nightmare. His caring attitude and knowledge of law made a seemingly never ending problem a walk in the park. I defiantly recommend Sean Leslie to anyone who needs legal help or just advise. C.B.
Mr. Leslie is an amazing lawyer and a very nice man. I liked that he always called me back if he couldn't answer my calls. I felt that he actually cared about me and my case. He explained anything I didn't understand and I even learned a few things from him. I highly recommend him! Kasi M.
Sean Leslie is an excellent lawyer. He gives your case his up most undivided attention. Primarily his handling to every detail and getting results. So if you need a lawyer hire him and you will not be sorry. Nubia M.