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Driving Under the InfluenceBe smart! Your choices made during a DUI or drunk driving investigation will have long term and costly consequences for at least 10 years. There are decisions and steps you can make to help me help you win or lessen your DUI case or at the very least reduce your court and DMV penalties.

DUI Investigation

Remember, the best choice is not to drink alcohol and drive! Have a designated driver or call a friend or cab. However, if you are the subject of a DUI stop, investigation and arrest, then please follow these simple recommendations:

  • Do pull over immediately in a safe well lighted area
  • Do legally park and or park within parking stalls if in a parking lot
  • Do be polite and cooperative with the arresting officer
  • Do have your drivers' license & registration available before the officer approaches your car
  • Do only roll down your drivers' side window a few inches to hand the officer your drivers' license and registration
  • Do not get out of your car unless asked to do so by the officer
  • Do not take a roadside preliminary alcohol screening (PAS) test
  • Do not participate or attempt to complete field sobriety tests (FST's)
  • Do not make threats to the arresting officer
  • Do not kick the police unit or the windows of the police unit
  • Do not answer any questions pertaining to alcohol consumption
  • Do not make any spontaneous statements to the arresting officer
  • Do not tell the arresting officer that you feel the effects of the alcohol
  • Do submit to only one test at the jail or police station
A DUI is Not a Simple Traffic Ticket

Likewise, you must take your DUI case seriously because it's not just another traffic ticket where you simply just pay a fine and or attend traffic school. In addition to the harsh Court an DMV penalties, collateral consequences for a DUI arrest and conviction may include problems obtaining employment, huge increase in auto insurance, negligent operator points on your driving record, jail time, travel limitations, negative credit damage, and delay in receiving commercial drivers' license, just to name a few.

DMV Hearing

If you do not retain a DUI lawyer within 10 days of your arrest, then be sure to call the local DMV Driver Safety Office to set up an Administrative Per Se hearing based upon your DUI arrest! When you call make sure to request "discovery" and a "stay" of any suspension pending the outcome of your administrative hearing. My firm will call the DMV DSO if you contact us within 10 days of your arrest and schedule a hearing and request the discovery and stay of the license suspension.

Be Ready to Contest the DUI Charges

A DUI arrest (probable cause) does not equal a conviction (beyond a reasonable doubt). Two different legal standards!! Many aspects of a DUI case are complicated and those in law enforcement make errors or omissions in the course of the investigation. We all make mistakes in our jobs. Likewise, the machines or tests used may not have been calibrated or functioning properly on the night of your arrest. My firm will obtain all "lab packets" on the machines used in your case and obtain all reports and documents to look for irregularities. Don't lie down and plead guilty at arraignment, let an experienced DUI lawyer from my law firm go through your case and advise you properly!

Call My Law Firm to Speak with a San Diego DUI Attorney Not a Paralegal or Case Manager

For a free consultation with an experienced and effective San Diego DUI lawyer, please contact my firm via email or telephone call. My firm has offices in both Carlsbad and San Diego, but we handle DUI cases in all courts in San Diego County-San Diego, Vista, El Cajon & Chula Vista.

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